• The first photographs in the region were taken in the 1870s.
  • You can access many historic images of the Flinders from the State Library of South Australia free of charge.
  • Photographers in the Flinders need to be fit and patient.
    • The terrain is rough and waiting for just the right light can take a long time.

H.H. Tilbrook

  • a noted photographer from Clare, took some of his best photographs in the Flinders Ranges in the 1890s.

Harold Cazneaux

(pronounced Kayznoe)

  • The first great photographer to visit the Flinders, who visited three times.
  • One of his most famous shots was of a giant, damaged, ancient red gum standing on the edge of a creek bed, great roots exposed, with the walls of Wilpena Pound behind it: The Spirit of Endurance, 1937.
  • Cazneaux’s tree is on the National Trust of South Australia’s register of  significant trees.

Bernd Stoecker

  • Captured wonderful images of Arkaroola.

Eduard Domin

  • took the photographs for The Flinders Ranges: A Portrait 1986.

Other photographers who have taken memorable photographs of the Flinders are Fred Lix, Keith Phillips, John Dallwitz, Steve Parish and Stavros Pippos.

Resources on Flinders Ranges art and photography

  • The best source of information on art and the Flinders is Hylton, J and Curtin, P. (eds) 2002. Arid Arcadia: Art of the Flinders Ranges. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.
  • Hans Mincham has an excellent introduction to photographer Eduard Domin’s The Flinders Ranges, A Portrait.