Flinders Ranges Climate

The Flinders region lies between two weather systems and can get rain at any time of year. From the south and west it gets mainly winter rains. Occasional monsoon rains from the north come mainly in summer, often with storms. can get rain at any time of the year because:

  • Rainfall is erratic. Some years there is almost none, sometimes storms dump so much that there are floods.  Goyder’s Line is a good measure of  rainfall above and below the 250mm (10 inch) annual rainfall line.
  • Summer has intense heat waves, often with many days over 38◦C (100◦F).
  • Winter mornings can be frosty and snow falls occasionally on the hills. The last snow fall was in October 1995.
  • Weather forecast for Hawker: http://www.bom.gov.au/sa/forecasts/hawker.shtml