Haven for TB sufferers

  • Tuberculosis, also known as TB or consumption, was a major health problem before vaccinations were widely available from the 1950s.
  • Many soldiers coming back from World War I had contracted TB, and a TB Soldiers Aid Society was set up to help them.
  • L. Lee and W.H. McFarlane of Angorichina Station gave some land to the Society about half way between Parachilna and Blinman. This beautiful place became the site of a hostel for TB patients.
  • The first sick ex-servicemen arrived two weeks after it opened. More former soldiers arrived after World War II.

SLSA B59314.  Main entrance to the Angorichina Hostel in 1928. Members of the Tubercular Soldiers Aid Society made the lawn and garden beds. The message in the lawn says ‘Welcome to Our Home of Happiness’.

  • The beautiful views here attracted tour groups which began to stop at the hostel.
  • Chalets were built in the grounds, and sometimes family members came to stay.

SLSA B59316 Prospect Chalet, family accommodation, at Angorichina Hostel 1931


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